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Seattle Festival Orchestra is an all-volunteer community orchestra that presents concerts to delight and engage a 21st century audience. With diverse programming, SFO creates space for its audience to experience the catharsis of the wide range of emotions available in orchestra music, to feel with our musicians the joy and sorrow, wonder and ecstasy of our art. In order to create an engrossing concert experience, SFO consistently breaks down barriers between performer and audience and seeks out opportunities for audience engagement. SFO believes strongly in universal access to the arts, providing family- friendly concerts for kids, young soloists and a side-by-side performance opportunity for local high school students.


Seattle Festival Orchestra cultivates modern audiences through diverse programming, performance practice, and youth engagement.

Why Give?

Your donation helps to enrich your community! SFO provides music for the community, in the community, with programs that provide high-caliber classical music in a welcoming environment. We are the only orchestra in Seattle that provides year-round Family-Friendly concerts! We provide affordable access to great music for all ages by intentionally keeping our ticket prices low to make sure nobody is excluded because of expense.

Give where you can see the impact of your investment.

Giving Circles

Donate at one of the following circles, and we’ll ensure your contribution is recognized:

$1,000 and above: Bronze Circle

  • Logo and name space on Seattle Festival Orchestra’s website for the whole season (September through August).

  • Logo and name space in the concert programs.

  • Your impact:
    Helps us bring in incredibly talented solo artists to share their music with our community.

$2,500 and above: Silver Circle

All Bronze Circle benefits plus:

  • Thank you from the stage for every concert throughout the season.

  • Your impact:
    Provides the necessary funding to program music from diverse composers from populations that are underrepresented in classical music.

$5,000: Gold Circle

All Silver Circle benefits plus:

  • As many as 10 tickets to the sponsored concert for VIP’s, supporters, customers or friends.

  • Your impact:
    Provides 50 kids with access to high caliber classical music, enriching their lives and boosting their development.

$10,000: Platinum Circle

All Gold Circle benefits plus:

  • As many as 20 tickets (an additional 10 above Gold Circle) to the sponsored concert for VIP’s, supporters, customers or friends.

  • A framed certificate of thanks, signed by the Music Director.

  • Your impact:
    Provides affordable access to high caliber classical music to our entire community. Our most elite giving circle, each Platinum donation provides the necessary funding for an entire concert cycle.

How To Give

Tax-deductible donations are welcome as one large donation or as a monthly donation spaced out over the year. If you’re interested in setting up a monthly donation please see the instructions below, under “Donations by card and monthly donations”.

Donations by check

Checks should be made out to: "Seattle Festival Orchestra" . Please mail your check to:

Seattle Festival Orchestra
PO Box 15552
Seattle WA 98115.

Donations by card and monthly donations

  1. Click the “Donate” button.

  2. Enter the amount you’d like to donate at the top.

  3. If you want to make this a monthly donation, click the checkbox.

  4. If you have a PayPal account, you can make your donation using it.  Simply click the “Donate with PayPal” button.

  5. Otherwise, you can make your donation with a debit or credit card.  Click the button.

  6. Fill in your payment and billing information.

  7. Click “Donate Now” to complete your donation.

Contact Information

Bobby Collins
Music Director

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