Community organizations such as ours run almost entirely on support from our local neighborhoods.  And you'd be surprised how much it costs to run an orchestra, even if almost all the musicians are playing for free.  In the end, there is nothing like a live performance!  The excitement of watching musicians who are playing simply because they love playing is contagious. For them it's not just a job, after all.

If you think the musical arts are an important part of our community, please consider supporting us financially.  Thanks!

Send a check

Sending a check to our postal address listed below is much the simplest way to contribute.


Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon?  You can support us (at no cost to you) by clicking on the banner below and bookmarking it for all your future Amazon purchases. For purchases using this link, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate a portion of the purchase price to Seattle Festival Orchestra.



Good with photography?  Know how to make eye-catching fliers and programs?  Have a good performance or practice venue?  Want to man the ticket booth? Hand out programs?

There are so many ways to support SFO besides playing or giving financially, and we welcome everything.  If you want to help, let us know by emailing!

Thank you for supporting SFO!

2017 Volunteers

Elaine Alasagas

Program Notes
Kevin Tao

Gary Enzmann

Ticketing & Ushers
Paul Wright, Jeffrey Wong, Carol Wong, Chontel Klobas, Linda Hedberg, Billy Tung, Anthony Klobas, Doug Ilijev

Danny Shih

Winds Personnel Manager
Melissa Heidrich

Strings Personnel Manager
Leanne Riddle

Librarian, Chair of Music Director Search Committee, Printer
Melanie Wright

Grant Writer
Gillian Huang

Eric & Anthony Klobas

2016-17 Donors

Amanda Wilson
Billy and Valerie Tung
Bing Wan
Brena Lever
Chris Champagne
David Durham
David Young
Dorothy Giberson
Doug Ilijev
Elena Albertsone
Eric Klobas
Erika Warren
Flora Lee
Gary Enzmann
Gillian Huang
Heidi DenHerder
Jacob Jacobson
Jeff Boersman
John Sahr
Katherine Yun
Kevin Tao
Maria Trayanova
Mark & Linda Wiseman
Mark Oesterle
Roger Klorese
Ryan Fang